TestCon Europe 2019

Confirmed Talks

Jiří Holuša

Hazelcast, Czech Republic


Performance Testing Done Right

Everybody says that they do performance testing. But do you do it right? Are you sure that the interpretation of the numbers, or even the number themselves, has really something to do with the truth? In this talk we will identify some of the common bad practices and mistakes while doing performance testing. We will try to answer questions like:
* What is the difference between latency and throughput testing and what to be careful about?

Session Keywords

Performance Testing

Alexander Andelkovic

King, Sweden


Candy Crush QA AI Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the biggest mobile games today that has been around for over 5 years. It is increasingly a challenge to test a game that has technical debt combined with new features being added for millions of players. Alexander Andelkovic shows you how King is training artificial intelligence (AI) programs (bots) to test its games by mimicking human players. Join Alexander as he discusses how King is taking testing to the next level by using machine learning to train bots to test and evaluate game feature in an unsupervised scalable way. 

Session Keywords

Machine Learning

Viktorija Sujetaitė

Wix.com, Lithuania


Detox: Tackling the Flakiness of Mobile Automation

At Wix we want to release our application as often as possible to meet needs of our 5 million users. Naturally, all mobile apps require testing, but a lot of it is done manually.
The most difficult part of automated testing on mobile is the tip of the testing pyramid – E2E tests. The core of the problem with E2E is flakiness, which results in unreliable tests.

Session Keywords

Mobile Automation
React Native

Oleksandr Kravchenko

Samsung Electronics Poland, Poland


Dealing with Data Driven Test Combinatorial Complexity using Jenkins Job DSL

Using Jenkins UI to configure the jobs is rather user-friendly and intuitive. Rich repository of available plugins makes it easy to find a solution for some non-trivial tasks.
Unfortunately, there are several challenges with defining jobs:
One of them is the xml file format. In this context it may add complexity to tracking job modification history and job’s configuration in CMS.

Session Keywords

Jenkins Job DSL

Ana Baotić

Asseco SEE, Croatia


Break your App before Someone Else Does

You can never really know just how secure your app is until you’ve done your best trying to break it.
In a world where building apps is similar to playing with Legos, the sturdiness and stability of our creations is mostly tested by others. Unfortunately, this places our users at risk of exposing their data into potentially harmful hands.

Session Keywords

Penetration Testing
Reverse Engineering

Pascal Dufour

Agilix.nl, The Netherlands


Verifying Microservices in Chains without Chain Testing?

In large companies we use large (production like) acceptance test environments to validate the system. These environments are not only often fragile but also expensive to maintain. Due to the popularity of micro services we deploy more often, which decreases the availability of these environments. What if we skip the acceptance test environment for releasing to production? 

Session Keywords

Contract Testing
Consumer Driven Contract
Interactive Session

Algirdas Petrauskas

DanskeBank, Lithuania


Agile QA in a Corporate Environment. NorthStar Use Case

How to be agile and meet the high QA standards of a corporate environment, a bank. How to build a high performing squad with the right soft skills to get stuff done.
NorthStar is a start-up within a bank, that has to cover all the corporate and regulatory requirements implied. Introduction to an approach on QA, that we call Quality Assistance, where everyone is responsible for quality. We don’t have dedicated testers, come and listen how that works out for us.