TestCon Europe 2019

Confirmed Talks

Michal Buczko

SpyroSoft Solutions, Poland

#1 Talk

How to Organize Ethical QA Rules in an Organization

Ethics and integrity are becoming more and more important. You can make a major impact on your project outcome and relationship with end customers by ensuring that employees understand the appropriate ways to address daily ethical issues. 

Session Keywords

QA Rules
#2 Talk

The Personal and Organizational Mindset of Innovation

There is a constant requirement from the customers that a testing vendor will be innovative. Starting from AI, new tools, processes we are asked to push and drive innovations in our organizations. How we could do that? It requires a big change in our mindset as team, guild, department organization.

Session Keywords

Personal Development Plan

Kristina Sabotic

Adwisit, Sweden


Automated End-to-End Tests with Robot Framework

– Powerful test logs provide real benefit in both troubleshooting, contact with system vendor and test reporting
– Experiences from working with logistics customers with a complex structure of third-party products
– End-to-end tests of complete business flows, where the same test script tests through web UI, desktop UI, database, etc., depending on the needs of the situation

Session Keywords

Test Automation
End-to-End Testing

Iancho Dimitrov

Musala Soft, Bulgaria


Sales Skills for QA Experts

Sales skills – can they be useful to QA experts? Iancho believes they can be not just useful but actually quite important for achieving the professional and personal goals of every IT professional. Think about the broader context of selling – like convincing, negotiating and more. 

Session Keywords

Testing Culture

Francesco Strazzullo

Flowing, Italy


Strategic TDD

The easy answer to the question “What is TDD?” is “To write unit tests before the actual code”. Actually “Test first” it’s really different than “test driven”. in TDD your code design emerges from the tests. The tests are driving you. We can take the same approach and apply it to a more strategic level? Even to build a vision for your company? In Francesco’s opinion yes, let’s see how in this talk.

Session Keywords


Dmitriy Kovalenko

Cypress.io, Ukraine


Functional and Visual Testing for Web Applications

This talk shows how quick and simple it can be to write end-to-end tests for web applications – if your testing tools are not fighting you all the time. Dmitriy will go over writing E2E tests using Cypress.io, controlling the network during tests, using visual testing and setting up continuous integration to perform E2E tests on each commit.

Session Keywords

Web Testing
Visual Testing

Martin Tiitmaa

Rush Street Interactive Development LLC, Estonia


My Journey to Accessibility Testing and What I Learned from It

The European Commission estimates that including all who have a “long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairment,” one in six people in the EU have a disability – or some 80 million. That is 80 million people who use our webpages, apps, programs and services in a way that is hard for a developer or a tester to imagine, making it maybe one of the most difficult concepts for a tester. 

Session Keywords

Accessibility Testing

Ben Linders

Ben Linders Consulting, The Netherlands


Improving Software Quality with Retrospectives

Agile Retrospectives can be used to investigate quality issues or to perform actions that improve the quality of the software that is delivered. They complement debugging and testing and provide solutions to learn and build quality in from the start.
An agile retrospective is a practice for teams to reflect, learn, and to continuously become better in what they do.

Session Keywords

Agile Retrospectives
Quality Culture

Ewa Marchewka

Nokia, Poland


Hallway Testing - Cool Face of Usability Testing

What is hallway testing? A really cool way to enhance usability of your product and make your UX better! How does it work?  What are the benefits of introducing this type of testing in your test strategy? In this presentation Ewa would like to answer all those questions and explain how we can leverage “outsider view” to improve user interface/usability of the product. Based on real life examples (case studies) she would like show to the audience how this technique can really “save the day” when it comes to end user experience. 

Session Keywords

Usability Testing
User Experience

Gopal Brugalette



Performance Testing in Agile and DevOps

Performance engineering was fairly straightforward in traditional waterfall projects. You would performance test at the end of the project after development and all functional testing was complete. This approach simply cannot work in the age of DevOps and Agile. Release cycles happen too quickly. Code changes too much. Data preparation takes too long. Results analysis is too slow. You need new approaches. Performance engineering needs a new paradigm. 

Session Keywords

Performance Testing

Milan Gabor

Viris, Slovenia


Can I Touch You There? Tools and Techniques for Security Testing

During the presentation at one of the conferences devoted to testing and QA, Milan found out that not so many testers are aware of security testing tools and also procedures during the testing process. On the other hand, while testing quite a big number of application on a yearly basis he sees that so many issues that end in our reports could be eliminated already in normal testing process (especially regarding medium and low discovered issues, since they are easy to detect and also pretty easy to mitigate). 

Session Keywords

Security Testing