TestCon Europe 2021

Online Edition

September 7-9


Confirmed Talks

PJ Hagerty

Senior Developer Advocate

Mattermost, US

The Pony Express and How Technology Moves Fast

This talk will take a look at certain aspects of tech to see where we find value, where things have been built on shaky ground, and where strong foundations will move the industry forward.

Session Keywords
🔑 Innovations
🔑 Future

Phil Royston


Tesena, Czech Republic

Is Testing Like Electricity?

The presentation’s main message is that the stable, reliable, and quality supply of software testing is vital in the modern world and how, as software testers, we need to understand this responsibility and respond by increasing our level of professionalism. By comparing ourselves to the electricity industry, which has long understood that it is of strategic importance, we can also find some inspiration from their approach.

Session Keywords
🔑 Testing Strategy

Adam Sandman

Director, Technology

Inflectra Corporation, US

Ready to Run the Risk? – Applying a Risk-Based Approach to Testing

In this talk, Adam will discuss the different types of risk that you should be considering (technical, business, etc.) and how you can use the assessment of risk to create a test plan that gives you the greatest risk coverage in the time available.

Session Keywords
🔑 Risk Based Testing
🔑 Test Metrics

Christina Thalayasingam

Test Engineering Manager

Northwestern Mutual, US

1# Softs You Need to Run the Perfect Load Test

There seems to be a very wrong perception of conducting load testing. Many think it is understanding a performance testing tool and running a few tests. Seldom is serious thought put into creating tests that actually add value and create an impact on the actual testing. This requires a lot of strategy and planning that goes into creating the Perfect load and this talk will cover all the soft skills that a test engineer requires to get the job done.

Session Keywords
🔑 Load Testing
🔑 Performance Testing
🔑 Requirements Engineering
🔑 Soft Skills

2# Full-stack Testing in is the New Normal

How can you make them actually feel the essence of quality being a culture that does not focus alone on reporting bugs? Let us discuss ways on making your team walk in the path of Full Stack Testing, so that the team knows their vision and the mission. Quality is key and the world is evolving into have Full-stack testing as the new normal.

Session Keywords
🔑 Testing
🔑 Automation
🔑 Continuous Testing
🔑 Team Skills

Nikolaj Tolkačiov

Testing Practice Lead

Devbridge, Lithuania

Just Ship It!

In this talk, we will touch on why it is important, demystify few myths about continuous deployment, and emphasize key areas which will allow us to gain that capability and be more effective at delivering the software.

Session Keywords
🔑 Continuous Deployment
🔑 Automation
🔑 Teams

PJ Hagerty

Senior Developer Advocate

Mattermost, US

Proactive Programming

In this talk, we’ll discuss methods used to ensure everything works the way it should before deploying to production.

Session Keywords
🔑 Observability
🔑 Feedback

Steve Upton

Lead QA Consultant

ThoughtWorks, Germany

Stop Trying to Fix Everything

When things go wrong we try to do better. Incident Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, and Post Mortems are an important part of continuous improvement and many of our workflows. We’re going to look at what we do when things go wrong and the really easy things we can do to make things worse.

Session Keywords
🔑 Root Cause Analysis
🔑 Incident Response

Thomas Fehlmann

Senior Researcher

Euro Project Office, Switzerland

Tools for ART – Autonomous Real-time Testing

ART – Autonomous Real-time Testing is a concept for modern software and system testing in the area of Digitalization. It unites three approaches, that you will learn about in this session. This presentation outlines the current state of availability of tools.

Session Keywords
🔑 Autonomous Real-time Testing
🔑 Digital Twins
🔑 Artificial Intelligence

Wim Decoutere

Learning & Development Expert

CTG Belgium, Belgium

Extreme Shift Left / Out with the Requirement Engineer?

In his presentation, Wim is going to explore the idea of a tester doing the requirement engineering, or the inverse of a requirement engineer doing the testing. He will explain how requirements elicitation techniques, such as paradox brainstorming and 6 thinking hats can be beneficial for the tester, but also how to test techniques, such as Decision Tables, can ensure a higher quality of requirements.

Session Keywords
🔑 Requirements Engineering
🔑 Elicitation
🔑 Prioritisation
🔑 Modelling

Yevheniia Hlovatska

QA Guild Leader

Wix, Ukraine

How to Make Developers LOVE Writing e2e Tests

But wait, this talk is for QA Engineers, where is their place in this process? Will it mean they will never write tests again? There will be a huge room for their work. Yevheniia believes QA is the best person to make such changes happen and continue working along the way. She wants to show how moving e2e tests writing to developers can become a next-level task for QA engineers.

Session Keywords
🔑 End-to-End Tests
🔑 Agile Test Automation
🔑 Developers

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