TestCon Europe 2019

Confirmed Talks

Peter Caron

PCConsulting OÜ, Estonia


Quality Transformation

In many organisations, Quality Assurance teams are at the forefront of change, leading transformation initiatives and improving software development. Part of this is made possible by a transformation within QA itself: Quality Assurance organisations are adapting to a Quality Analysis role. Many of the old ways of working, measuring and testing are no longer applicable in a microservice or cloud function environment.

Peter Gfader

Beyond Agility GmbH, Switzerland


You Can't Be Agile If Your Testing Practices Suck

Our industry has a problem: 
We are not lacking software methodologies, programming languages, tools or frameworks.
We need great software teams.


Why Testing is fundamentally different in DevOps than Classic Projects

The world is changing. You went away from waterfall and plan-driven development to doing agile. But why does agile not work? Why are you not faster and better and happier?
You installed Scrum Masters, you have boards for Transparency, you have a Definition Of Done and you use Story Points. But did you really change your way of working?

Session Keywords

Project Management

Andrew Brown

Expleo, UK


Reasoning Skills within Software Testing

We use reasoning skills every day. Mostly they work well, but sometimes they let us down. Unfortunately, they let us down when we think about creating tests, one of the most important parts of software testing. 
Why do we find it easy to create some tests, but struggle with others?
The answer lies in where those reasoning processes came from, which is from our evolutionary past.

Alexander Todorov

Kiwi TCMS, Bulgaria


Finding Security Issues in Open Source

This talk will focus on security from the point of view of software testers, not security experts. It will focus on tools and areas of testing which are often forgotten and could lead to security vulnerabilities. All of this is nicely peppered with examples from the open source world.
Alex will cover tools like bandit, Coverity, npm audit and a few more with detailed examples of open source projects that he is working on.

Session Keywords

Security Testing
Open Source

Artem Vasiuk

Scalepoint, Denmark


Deploying Security Testing Practice in Your Team and Company

In recent times, more companies started to prioritize Security Testing practice in their development teams. It caused managers and engineers to seek for ideas, tools and process models that assist in building it in a proper way. In his presentation, Artem would like to share their challenges and experience in building Security Testing process from the scratch within Agile teams. This talk may help you to get practical knowledge about where and how to start your Software Security Strategy.

Session Keywords

Security Testing
Test Design

Christian Bromann

Sauce Labs, Germany


Automated Performance Testing With WebDriver

Every frontend engineer is cautious about the speed of his web application, and many companies have SLAs that require their apps to be responsible after a certain time in order to not loose the attention of potential customers. Until this day, though, most web application are shipped without or just with a passive check of its performance.
Performance implications are difficult to understand and hard to predict. With Lighthouse, WebPageTest and other tools you are already able to capture tons of performance metrics of your application. 

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Jani Haapala

Qentinel, Finland


From 0 to 100 000 Test Cases per Day, a Story about Scaling Test-Automation

Jani started in a small team creating first automated test cases, now he is a part of a core automation and infrastructure team that calls them self a CSI, that enables the whole company to execute over 100 000 automated test cases per day. Scaling have meant moving from doing few test cases in one CI-pipeline for supporting over 350 employees on over 30 teams to do quality assurance in over 40 CI-pipelines.

Session Keywords

Test Automation

Joe Keeley

MartianCraft, USA


Testing Offline First Mobile Applications

“Offline First” mobile applications can really be great for users: consistent usage with or without a network connection, better UI responsiveness, and the ability to sync data to different devices seamlessly. While these features all sound great, they can be quite difficult to build in practice. Come with me as I describe my adventures implementing and testing an offline first mobile app using Google’s Firebase tools, including auth, image hosting, and data setup and syncing using the Google’s Cloud Firestore NoSQL database.

Session Keywords

Mobile Testing

Louise Gibbs

MandM Direct, UK


The Joy of Record and Playback in Test Automation

Record and playback features are a really useful tool for automated test development. They allow code req uired to run automated tests to be generated quickly. However, there is an unfortunate misconception that it is only used by those with poor programming skills. Record and playback features are a really useful tool for automated test development. They allow code req uired to run automated tests to be generated quickly. However, there is an unfortunate misconception that it is only used by those with poor programming skills. 

Session Keywords

Test Automation
Record and Playback

Michael Bodnarchuk

SDCLabs, Ukraine


Design Decisions for Perfect JavaScript Testing Framework

JavaScript has the biggest ecosystem. Building any system on top of it expects a good understanding of all modern libraries and approaches. Before writing any automated test you should consider how it should be executed. And any taken decision will last for years with your tests. How to create a stable and efficient testing framework? What makes a perfect testing framework for you?

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