TestCon Europe 2024

October 22-25

Onsite & Online


Workshop No:


Nowadays, it is not enough to accomplish the stability of your project and implement all the functionalities to cover the user’s expectations.

What else, you may ask?

Ignoring critical non-functional requirements like performance may be crucial for the overall success of your project.

Participating in this workshop will help you to learn how to understand what lays behind a web page, and how to analyze the performance of any website that you land on. Using the best free tools on the market we will learn more about client-side Performance testing and how to understand the metrics behind it.

Workshop No:


Usability testing can dramatically improve products. It is an essential tool for uncovering usability problems and demonstrating them to co-workers.

This workshop will explain and demonstrate a streamlined approach to usability testing that you can apply to your own products. You will hear what usability and user experience is, and the important differences between them. The talk will focus on the popular “think-aloud” method for usability testing. You will hear about usability testing on a limited budget (“guerilla usability testing”), usability testing in agile projects, and how to “sell” usability to your co-workers and management.

The workshop will include demonstrations, short exercises and quizzes.

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