TestCon Europe 2021

September 7-9


Thomas Fehlmann

Senior expert in software metrics and testing

Euro Project Office AG, Switzerland


Antoine Craske is passionate about strategy, innovation, technology, organization and systems. Leading the IT Development Center in Portugal at La Redoute, with 120+ DevOps professionals. Tech Meetup organizer in Leiria, active in open-source.


96% Successful Daily Deploys with 6500+ Functional Automated Tests

The acceleration of our digital transformation challenged us on our capability to deliver fast and reliable software. Our e-commerce platform being at the center of our UX, delivering on a weeks basis was not acceptable. We will share the journey and learnings leading us to deliver with confidence on a daily basis our platform with 6000+ functional and automated tests.

Session Keywords

🔑 Metrics
🔑 Neural Networks
🔑 Support Vector Machines
🔑 Coverage

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