TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Thomas Fehlmann

Senior Researcher

Euro Project Office, Switzerland


Dr. Thomas Fehlmann is a senior expert in software metrics and testing, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for lean and agile software development, and a promoter of customer-oriented product design and testing.

He spent most of his professional life as a quality manager for software organizations. As such, he has led a few companies to global market dominance using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Six Sigma for Software. He has run the Euro Project Office since 1999 and is internationally recognized as a QFD expert and as a software metrics expert.

Since 2016, Thomas has been an academic member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research.
Thomas is a frequent presenter at conferences on topics including Six Sigma, QFD, software quality, software testing, project management, software engineering, and software metrics.


Tools for ART – Autonomous Real-time Testing

ART – Autonomous Real-time Testing is a concept for modern software and system testing in the area of Digitalization. It unites three approaches:

  • Complementing Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) by Continuous Testing – it’s not just adding a testing step somewhere in between DevOps, sometimes seen as DevTstOps, DevSecOps, or anything similar;
  • Automated, unattended testing of its Digital Twins while the system itself remains in operation;
  • Autonomous generation of new test cases within existing test stories (or scenarios) adapting to new system interconnectivity or environmental changes.

In particular,  the third point means adopting techniques from Artificial Intelligence, combined with methods that keep the newly generated test cases relevant. This presentation outlines the current state of availability of tools.

Session Keywords

🔑 Autonomous Real-time Testing
🔑 Artificial Intelligence
🔑 Digital Twins

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