TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Thomas Carpentier

QA Manager

Genymobile, France


Thomas says he’s almost an ‘old tester’, as he started working in QA 14 years ago. After learning and becoming more experienced, he is now a QA Manager. He is in charge of testing strategy for his company’s software and improving its test automation practices. During those 14 years, he’s had the chance to work on Desktop, Web and Mobile applications and has successfully tackled challenges :
-OS, browsers & mobile fragmentation
-Running thousands of tests, which can be very long if they are not optimized.


Ellinor Kwok

Pre-sales Engineer & Technical Partnership Manager

Genymobile, France


 Ellinor is a Pre-sales engineer at Genymobile. She helps clients improve their testing strategy and speed up their tests using Genymotion Cloud Android virtual devices. She has met many clients with different profiles: transitioning from manual to automated testing, or already experienced with automated testing. Ellinor is quite familiar with the way they run their tests and configure their testing environments. She also works with partners to integrate Genymotion Cloud with solutions such as CI to provide a whole end-to-end solution for mobile automation testing.


Industrialize your Android Tests: a Tools and Methods Cookbook

Ready for your mobile automation testing journey but, with so many tools out there, you don’t know where to start?
Or do you already have something in place but wish to optimize your tests and save more time?
Learn more about automating end-to-end mobile testing and build your mobile test automation strategy. with the help of Android demos.

They will focus on :
– Testing frameworks: Appium, Detox, Espresso
– Parallel and test sharding
– Device types to run the tests: physical/virtual devices
– Continuous Integration tools: Bitrise, CircleCI, Github actions

Their mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to get started or improve your testing strategy. Their experience with many customers has taught us that there isn’t one, a single tool that is better than the others; there are lots of possible combinations, depending on your existing dev & testing environment.

Session Keywords

🔑 Mobile Automation Testing
🔑 Continuous Integration
🔑 Android

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