TestCon Europe 2024

October 22-25

Onsite & Online


Hear it straight from the software assurance practitioners what they have to say about TestCon Europe
Great talks, and an excellent technical setup for the presentations.

Matthias Hamburg

Glossary Chair @ ISTQB

It was an amazing experience. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing experts.

Angela Olszewska

QA Engineer @ Kitopi

I have attended quite a few test conferences, but I honestly have to say that TestCon Europe is one of the top ones. The organization was great, the venue was impressive and the talks and panels were excellent. Highly recommended!

Benjamin Bischoff

Test Automation Engineer @ trivago N.V.

Having missed the last few strictly online conferences, TestCon brought it back with quite a big bang live again this year. Three full days of talks, presentations and discussions about relevant topics in the today’s IT world almost felt like a bit too much information to handle, and I have definitely left home with some food for thought, notes to look up afterwards, and continue learning. It is a great place to gather together with so many more like-minded specialists of this field and it’s amazing that all of this is in my local city Vilnius! Can’t wait for what next year will bring!

Agnė Peluritytė

Senior Test Engineer @ Devbridge

The event was a masterclass in knowledge sharing and professional development.The seminar featured an impressive lineup of topics, the knowledgeable speakers sharing invaluable insights. Despite the virtual format, I felt incredibly connected to the event, thanks to the seamless organization.One of the standout features of the seminar was the opportunity to learn from the best practices employed by leading companies in the industry. Gaining insights from the experiences of others and witness the practical application of these practices. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their horizons, and gain a deeper understanding of the latest trends and best practices.

Shilpa Bhowmick

Software tester @ Frontiers Media SA

This conference is a hub on the QA practice for European companies. More than the sessions, or keynotes or even the Workshops , they are all very good, it’s the opportunity to exchange opinions and meet other QAs that this conference allows that delivers the best value.

Fábio Rodrigues

Senior QA @ OutSystems

The conference met my expectations and the sessions were quite interesting and giving lots of new perspective in QA industry. Would totally recommend to anyone interested!

Aleksandr Prokofjev

Integration Quality Assurance Engineer @ Bally’s Interactive

It was an amazing Conference where we could meet and learn about various testing solution & methodologies across the industry. Also a great place to build the network.

Naveen Issac Immanuel

Test Automation Engineer

Good and valuable insights for testing and QA strategy

Sanita Sveice Radionova

QA @ Sapiens

This conference was extremely well organized, took place in a movie which was a really nice touch. Presenters were prepared, the vibes were high! Can’t wait for next year!

Dora Tavaszi

Senior QA Engineer @ Byborg Enterprises

A well run event, some interesting topics and a good opportunity to validate what is happening within the world of testing

Daniel Pocklington

Senior Test Engineer @ Unum

The TestCon Europe 2023 was just great! The variety of topics as well as the quality of the workshops and talks was a refreshing knowledge boost indeed. Especially the open minded conversations with colleagues from all over the world were a great opprotunity to catch the spirit of theses times in QA and testing industry! Thank you! 🙂

Elmar Vendel

QA Lead @ Deutsche Telekom AG

Overall I could recommend the conference as everyone could find their speak of interests. The slido Q&A session at the end of every speak/keynote made the events really bi-directional. Also it was a great opportunity for networking.

Balaz Fulop

QA Engineer @ Byborg Enterprises

This was my first time attending this conference, and I was very pleased. The keynotes were very interesting, professional, and relevant. I definitely received new and useful information that I can apply in my work. The organization of the conference was at a high level. Thanks a lot to the organizers and participants of the conference.

Bibigul Sembayeva

Technical Quality Manager @ Otto GmbH & Co KG

TestCon Europe 2023 was an enlightening experience that gave me fresh software testing perspectives that I hadn’t previously considered. The talks broadened my understanding of the latest testing trends in the industry. I’m happy to bring many valuable insights back home.

Antonio Serrano

SW Lead Engineer @ GEHC

I am happy that I attended, brought new ideas and improvements for our team and projects.

Benas Buinickas

Autotest developer @ UAB Teltonika Networks

Thank you for organizing this great event! There were a lot of speakers to choose from. I learned a lot. I also made some friends and added some LinkedIn contacts.

Andrej Simcic

QA @ GlobaliD

TestCon is able to provide its visitors with a valuable information and insights in one place, in short period, for the right price.

Dmitrijs Sivackis

QA Team Lead @ 28Stone Consulting

I recently attended the TestCon, and I must say it was an incredibly enriching experience. The event was meticulously organized, and it offered a fantastic platform for professionals in the quality assurance field to come together, exchange knowledge, and learn from each other. The speakers were experts in their respective domains, delivering insightful presentations and practical insights. Furthermore, the Executive testing workshop was a highlight of this conference. It provided a unique opportunity to delve into the aspects of testing at the executive level, which was truly valuable to me. The expert leading the workshop shared deep knowledge and strategies in this field. It was a valuable and innovative addition to the conference. Overall, the TestCon exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to attending future editions to continue enhancing my skills and staying up-to-date in this ever-evolving field. 

Emilia Kazarinova

QA Engineer @ Readdle

Those 4 days were incredibly intense. I was treated to a series of amazing sessions led by exceptional and motivating speakers. It was during this event that I became certain about my aspiration to someday become a conference speaker myself. We delved into the world of AI and its influence on our roles as QA professionals, discussing how it can assist us in our daily routines. We also emphasized the importance of clear and comprehensible requirements for everyone involved in the process. The concept of Shift-Left testing, though long known, still raised questions about its widespread use in the testing community. We talked about the need to embrace new technologies in testing while balancing it with minimalism – do we really need everything in our daily work? The conference also highlighted the significance of fostering the development of our team. We concluded our discussions by emphasizing that learning from mistakes is essential, but our experiments must be coherent and safe-to-fail. For me, the conference was about inspiration, insights, the desire to move forward, and continuous development.

Aksana Plashkova

QA Engineer / QA Lead / QA PM

I had the pleasure of attending TestCon online, and it was an exceptional experience. Initially, I had to switch from an on-site ticket to an online one, and the support I received was nothing short of amazing. They were incredibly responsive and made the process smooth.The selection of talks at the conference was really good too. I found a lot of valuable insights that I’ll be able to apply in my work.This was my first time attending a conference online, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. The great organisation and the quality of content made it an outstanding event. I’m looking forward to attending future TestCon conferences, whether in person or online. Thank you for a fantastic experience!

Snezana Cerovac

Software Tester @ Everstox GmbH

The event featured a wide array of intriguing topics, presented by accomplished and well-prepared speakers. Additionally, the full-day workshops proved to be highly beneficial for acquiring knowledge.

Tibor Farkas

QA Lead @ ByborgEnterprises

I recently attended a conference that left me thoroughly impressed. The event was a treasure trove of knowledge, with a lineup of engaging and informative talks that kept me captivated. What really stood out was the impeccable organization, making the entire experience seamless and enjoyable. It was a truly enriching and satisfying conference, and I left with valuable insights and a sense of contentment.

Nadezhda Druzhinina

QA Engineer @ RealTime SIA

This is my first in-person Testcon conference, after online last year, and it amazed me. The venue was amazing. The organizers were warm hosts and were spot on with the communication. I was left speechless with the level of talks, that ranges for beginners to the level of experts. I wish all the best and will definitely apply next year as well.

Vipin Jain

Head QA @ Metacube Software

TestCon is an amazing place of professional minds who share great insights about trends and technologies that are wonderfully presented and provide a huge boost of knowledge.

Andreas Joecker

QA Professional @ Sartorius AG

This was my first online conference, also as a speaker. I felt very good and confident with the platform and support. Almost like during onsite conference 🙂

Szymon Ramczykowski

Lead Test Engineer @ Kainos

It was possibly the best 2020 online conference I’ve done. A lot of mistakes others make were avoided, the focus on technical help was very useful, and the agenda was full of interesting talks. I was very well supported by the technicians, and all my questions were well answered. Keep it up!

Rick Tracy

Agile Coach / Test Consultant @ Hapalion Consulting

I still remember how great the audience was in my speech. I was definitely very happy to participate in this conference and I would like to join the next TestCon Europe episodes whenever possible

Mesut Durukal

QA & Test Automation Manager @ Siemens

These guys know how to organize conferences even when more than half of the world is closed.
Having my talk at such a wonderful online event was also a new experience for me, and as a speaker I have learned a lot

Gjore Zaharchev

Quality Assurance Line Manager @ Seavus

I’ve been to many TestCon Europe conferences as a speaker, and always had a good time. It’s a good place to learn about the latest testing trends, meet people and learn from them, and hear really interesting talks. Plus, the organization is impeccable!

Gil Tayar

Senior Software Architect @ Roundforest

Testcon Europe was my first of its kind in Lithuania. I have never been to this conference before and being online, I just didn’t know anything about it. However, the quality of the conference and the efficiency in organizing this blew my mind. I was so amazed with the talks that I heard. I wished it was an in person conference so I could meet and discuss with these speakers. I hope 2022 will be an in person conference. I wish all the best for the future.

Vipin Jain

Head QA and Delivery Manager @ Metacube Software

I’m so glad and proud that we have such well organized and big conference in Lithuania. TestCon manages not only to invite hundred of foreign speakers to share their knowledge with us but also creates an incubator for local speakers. Thank you!

Nikolaj Tolkačiov

Devbridge @ Testing Practice Lead
I am organizing conferences myself and I love how TestCon Europe was organized in online version. I would like to learn and get to know few thing from organizers. As a speaker I felt welcomed and really taken care of.

Arnika Hryszko

Notatnik Testera @ Senior QA Specialist
It has been a wonderful conference, even though I didn’t get to participate in it too much due to other commitments. Very well organized, looking forward to seeing if I can contribute next year as well.

Bas Dijkstra

On Test Automation @ Test Automation Consultant and Trainer

Continue in what and how you are doing this. To be honest this was one of the best organization of the conference I’ve ever seen. I would really like to thank you for everything, especially for the organization, management etc.

Roman Nedzelsky

Intelligent Integration & Data Science Team Manager @ DHL IT Services