TestCon Europe 2022

October 26 – 27



Hear it straight from the software assurance practitioners what they have to say about TestCon Europe

Continue in what and how you are doing this. To be honest this was one of the best organization of the conference I’ve ever seen. I would really like to thank you for everything, especially for the organization, management etc.

Roman Nedzelsky

Intelligent Integration & Data Science Team Manager @ DHL IT Services

This was my first online conference, also as a speaker. I felt very good and confident with the platform and support. Almost like during onsite conference 🙂

Szymon Ramczykowski

Lead Test Engineer @ Kainos

It was possibly the best 2020 online conference I’ve done. A lot of mistakes others make were avoided, the focus on technical help was very useful, and the agenda was full of interesting talks. I was very well supported by the technicians, and all my questions were well answered. Keep it up!

Rick Tracy

Agile Coach / Test Consultant @ Hapalion Consulting

I still remember how great the audience was in my speech. I was definitely very happy to participate in this conference and I would like to join the next TestCon Europe episodes whenever possible

Mesut Durukal

QA & Test Automation Manager @ Siemens

These guys know how to organize conferences even when more than half of the world is closed.
Having my talk at such a wonderful online event was also a new experience for me, and as a speaker I have learned a lot

Gjore Zaharchev

Quality Assurance Line Manager @ Seavus

I’ve been to many TestCon Europe conferences as a speaker, and always had a good time. It’s a good place to learn about the latest testing trends, meet people and learn from them, and hear really interesting talks. Plus, the organization is impeccable!

Gil Tayar

Senior Software Architect @ Roundforest

Testcon Europe was my first of its kind in Lithuania. I have never been to this conference before and being online, I just didn’t know anything about it. However, the quality of the conference and the efficiency in organizing this blew my mind. I was so amazed with the talks that I heard. I wished it was an in person conference so I could meet and discuss with these speakers. I hope 2022 will be an in person conference. I wish all the best for the future.

Vipin Jain

Head QA and Delivery Manager @ Metacube Software