TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Martynas Luneckas

Senior Test Engineer

Devbridge, Lithuania


Martynas is Senior Test Engineer at Devbridge during his 10-year career he had a chance to use various test automation tools and frameworks. He is always following the latest trends in the test automation field. Sharing his latest findings with colleagues is part of the experience for him. Martynas generated his first test by using selenium-IDE “Play&Record” tool, quickly after that he started working on his own test automation framework tinkered to suit his project demands. He is also avid testing-related hackathon attendee. With multiple first places under his belt, he is now part of the team that organizes test automation hackathons.


Test Automation 101 with Playwright

In this workshop we will learn about automation basics and good practices to have a solid fundamental understanding of this topic. We will write automation test cases with Playwright Test framework, create pull requests, and have code review performed for our written code with a feedback from code reviewers.


Part 1: What is test automation

  • Automation history
  • Benefits of test automation
  • Demo for test automation and fuzz testing
  • E2E UI test automation
  • How to choose E2E test framework
  • How to write automated test cases
  • Hands-on workshop pt. 1

Part 2: How to write automated test cases

  • Locators
  • Hands-on workshop pt. 2
  • Explanation of DOM and it’s manipulations
  • Hands-on workshop pt. 3
  • What to automate
  • What to assert
  • Hands-on workshop pt. 4
  • Test data
  • Importance of avoiding maintenance

Part 3: Best practices

  • Page object model
  • Hands-on workshop pt. 5

Part 4: Best practices pt.2

    • GIT
    • Code review
    • Static code analysis
    • Code coverage
    • Modular test case structure
    • API calls for data setup and teardown
    • Hands-on workshop pt. 6


The goal of this workshop is to introduce the participants with automation, it’s best practices and Playwright Test framework.

Target audience

This workshop is for people who want to learn more about test automation and get some experience using Playwright Test framework. No previous knowledge of test automations is needed, but we will be using JavaScript programming language to automate with Playwright, so at least basic knowledge is required (bellow is a link to free online JavaScript lessons to get you up to speed).

Technical requirements

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