TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Steve Upton

Lead QA Consultant

Thoughtworks, Germany


Steve is a Quality Analyst who works to build empowered teams, capable of delivering and taking ownership of quality. He has worked on a wide variety of products, from mainframes to microservices and has a particular interest in complex socio-technical systems and how we work with them.

He is passionate about complexity theory, building quality into culture and testing as part of continuous delivery in modern, distributed architectures. Outside of work, Steve enjoys travel and mountains.


The Affordances of Quality

We hear the phrase “build quality in” all the time, but how do we actually do that? This talk looks at the human-centered design and the design of doors and other everyday things to explore how subtle aspects of the design can help us build in quality much more effectively.

This talk builds on 10+ years of experience transitioning from a software tester and “quality gatekeeper” to someone who supports teams building in quality. We will explore stories, perspectives and practical advice from that journey.

Session Keywords

🔑 Testability
🔑 Human Centered Design
🔑 Continuous Delivery

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