TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Ron Werner

Principal Quality Engineer

Cazoo, Germany


Ron successfully built automation frameworks for multiple projects and brings 15 years of working experience in team software quality and delivery for mobile and web products.

He currently serves in a team of Principal Quality Engineers at Cazoo, a European online car retail & subscription company. Prior to that, he worked as Team Lead Agile & Mobile Testing for the test consultancy QualityMinds, and also shaped the way Mobile and SmartTV app automation is being done as Lead Automation Engineer at Joyn. Ron built and helped QA teams and has given workshops and training to a number of companies.

Ron has a clear, no-nonsense view of how to test, what to test, and – maybe most importantly – what not to test. He has been speaking and keynoting at various software testing conferences. His passion is mobile testing, automation, and AI; but he’s also passionate about spending time with his family, or riding his mountain bike in a thoroughly digitally detoxed state: offline.


The X-Factor

The X Factor

What is this mysterious element that makes some products wildly successful, while others fail? Is there a secret sauce, an “X Factor”, that defines success in IT?

In this talk, we will take a close look at prominent IT breakthroughs & blunders, taking you over 40 years back to epic 1979 (when Atari’s breakthrough arcade game Asteroids was published, the first human in history was killed by a robot, and G. Myers wrote his famous book “The Art of Software Testing”). We’ll peek past the bloated buzzwords and expectations of the IT and Software Testing industry, and do what testers can do best: ask questions.

What role can testers play in the success story of awesome software? Do testers matter here, at all? How can we fail fast to have more time to win over the user base? Does testing wisdom from the 1970s still hold true nowadays, and if so, how does it still influence the results in the new millennium? And what role does test automation play in here, if at all?

These are some of the questions Ron will raise on a journey that goes far back in software development history. It’s 2022, and we will take a deep dive into success and failure stories. You will hear hypotheses on crucial factors that can well define how successful a product is, we will prove or refute them – before coming to the final, the ultimate decisive factor that will give your product the best ever finishing touch.

As simple as some truths are, someone needs to be brave enough to speak them out – Ron accepted this challenge, so now it’s up to you to hear them.

Buckle up and hang on tight to find out!

Session Keywords

🔑 Product Development
🔑 Quality
🔑 Success

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