TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Roman Zakharov

QA Automation Specialist

Yousician, Finland


Roman is an experienced QA specialist skilled in automation software and frameworks. He is interested in improving testing processes and solving non-trivial tasks.


Automating Audio Tests? Sounds Good!

In Yousician App, the largest music educator in the world, core features heavily rely on sound processing. To make the learning experience smooth and enjoyable, we surely interested in automating as many things as possible. This is tricky for acceptance E2E tests because there are a lot of UI-testing solutions and much less for audio-testing. During this talk, Roman will show how developing a custom toolkit allowed Yousician to automate testing of the audio apps. This topic will be particularly useful for QA Engineers in the game and media industries.

Session Keywords

🔑 Automation
🔑 Audio Testing

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