TestCon Europe 2020


October 13-15

Vilnius and Online

Phil Royston

Software Testing Start-Up Co-Founder

Tesena | SMART TESTING, Czech Republic


Having wandered reluctantly into IT about 30 years ago, Phil’s first contact with formal testing came unexpectedly in 2002 when he was told that he would become the Test Manager on the project he was working on. Maybe it was fate, but it seems he found his true calling. He eventually became the guy they called when there was a “problem in testing”. But after a few years of fire-fighting on those troubled projects he began to tire and wonder if there wasn’t a better way. So six years ago he co-founded a software testing start-up in Prague with a mission to change the testing world.

With more than 30 years of experience, Alon has done major software development, design, and architecture projects for global leading and cutting-edge companies.

Alon is recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director since 2010 and an MVP since 2005.

Alon has expertise in many technologies, be it Software Architecture, Microsoft Azure, Windows internals, C++ programming, .NET with C#, Internet of Things and cross-platform development (Windows & Linux).


Finding and Developing Good Software Testers: Lessons From a Testing Startup

Doing testing well requires having enough people with the right skills and knowledge. Great testers have always needed to be T-shaped people with strong testing skills and an ability to cross over into other IT roles and to understand “the business”. Phil always stressed that testing needs not only good hard skills, but also soft skills because the work deals with finding and reporting human mistakes. But in the last few years, particularly with the now prevalent adoption of Agile and DevOps, the challenges facing software testers are growing with an increasing need to be able to apply knowledge of system architecture, coding and how to use a number of tools to help them to do their job both quickly and thoroughly. At the same it seems to be getting harder to get sufficient talent into IT as a whole, never mind into software testing.

Phil feels he has been trying to solve some of these challenges throughout his software testing career, but most especially in the last six years whilst building a software testing business. Phil would like to share the experiences and lessons he has learned during this period that would really helped in his time delivering testing services. They’ll be relevant to you no matter what your role in testing is.

Whilst undergoing the transformation from software tester to businessman, he have gained, through both success and failure, knowledge about brand development, recruitment, human resources, leadership and simply what it takes to build and maintain a happy, functioning team. Phil hopes to introduce you to powerful ideas and tools that can help you motivate more of the right people into your team, spot the people who have what it takes to be good software testers, and support and promote their long-term development to keep their skills and knowledge relevant.

A lot of what Phil will tell you is based on the most important thing he has learned in professional and business career, which is the importance of having a growth mindset. To grow as a person a team or a company, you need to be able to face your failures, admit that there are things that you don’t do as well as you could and that there many things that you still have to learn.

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