TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Peter Sabev


Webbicus , Bulgaria


25+ years in IT, 15+ years in QA, covered everything from “What is QA?”, via junior/regular/senior QA/QA lead/QA Manager, manual and automation, Java and .NET, with own QA consulting company. Built teams from scratch for seven different companies, contributed to great improvement of the QA processes for some of the biggest IT companies worldwide. Organizer of one of the biggest Balkan QA conferences – QA: Challenge Accepted. Traveller, blogger, and a father of two.


Usability Testing with Zero Budget

There are so many people who simply write “UI/UX” because they simply don’t know the difference between those two. If you add “usability” to the picture, things can get really confusing. In this talk he will explain the difference between these, then he will show some real-life examples, share tips, tricks, methods, and best practices, as well as briefly describe how to do exploratory testing with a focus on usability.
Key takeaways:
– learn the difference between UI, UX and Usability
– learn how Usability Testing is done professionally in a lab and how you can do it with zero budget
– learn about cognitive walkthroughs, heuristic evaluations, and exploratory testing
– learn 10 different metrics for measuring usability
– learn 10 heuristics for usability testing
– learn about questionnaires and useful book to go even further with usability testing

Session Keywords

🔑 UX
🔑 UI
🔑 Usability
🔑 Exploratory Testing
🔑 Walkthroughs
🔑 Questionnaires

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