TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Paulius Raškevičius

Day 2

Pink Track


Paulius Raškevičius is a passionate Quality assurance specialist with almost 8 years of expertise in his field, ensuring high performance and quality for Vinted’s products.
Being part of the largest online international C2C marketplace in Europe means making sure that product releases reach Vinted members as fast as possible and in an impeccable state.

Before embarking on his journey to Vinted, Paulius studied psychology but was quickly enchanted with technology and began his career in the mobile app development world.
With his hard work and personal growth over the years at Vinted, Paulius managed to become the Director of Engineering for Quality Assurance. Now he is leading a team of more than 30 engineers delivering new features, improvements, and changes to Vinted’s environment every day. Apart from that, during the summer, he also takes leadership in Vinted Academy, leading young IT talents to the new beginnings of their careers.

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