TestCon Europe 2021

September 7-9


Nikolaj Tolkačiov

Test Practice Lead

Devbridge, Lithuania


Nikolaj is a Test Practice Lead at Devbridge with strong expertise in testing gained in host of tech companies and projects with majority of them requiring automation solutions. Being a passionate video gamer, he decided to study IT and ended up getting his bachelor’s degree in informatics engineering. His first attempt to automate was a script written purely with android SDK command line tools and from then only seeking stable, reliable, and effective way to automate.


Don’t Hate the Cucumber, Hate the Salad

The need for this presentation was born from all the hate for Gherkin, and how it is treated in the automation industry. Nikolaj will pay a small tribute to that framework and its help in test automation rolling out by both more testers jumping on board and client’s education on what is test automation and how it works. Nikolaj is not an advocate for gherkin and in most of the case he would choose non-Gherkin framework, but when you end up with one there are ways to make it work. This presentation is about an outside the box approach for gherkin implementation by maximizing re-usability and extracting gherkin related text to separate vocabularies to minimize gherkins text presence in the code outside vocabularies, feature files and step definitions. This allowed Devbridge to gain speed and scale to quite a big amount of UI e2e tests. Main idea is to write global functions and reuse them in a simple manner like all button clicking is happening with only one gherkin step, and name of the button is sent to vocabulary and depending on page, vocabulary will return appropriate element locator, and latter function performs click action for that element. This way all clicking action can be performed by one single gherkin step, and if you want to implement clicking of a new element, the only thing you need to do is add two lines to vocabulary, one for mapping text to the locator and another one for what locator to return for this text. Couple this with custom locator injecting to HTML and page object model to further increase effectiveness. This framework they created was used by more than 30 engineers to augment and expand its functionality with positive feedback.

Session Keywords

🔑 Automation
🔑 Cucumber
🔑 Gherkin

Automation 101 With Cypress

In this workshop we will learn about automation basics and good practices to have a solid fundamental understanding of this topic. We will write automation test cases with Cypress framework, create pull requests and you will get an individual feedback regarding your code after each code review.

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