TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Nikolaj Tolkačiov

Test Practice Lead

Devbridge, Lithuania


Because Nikolaj is lazy and easily bored, he tends to automate everything he can, if he needs to do something twice that is a good indication that something is off. His automation experience suit includes mobile, gherkin, web, C#, Java, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, and multiple frameworks. He does coding and “DevOps’ing” too because he gains most of the value not deep-diving into one framework or discipline, but generalizing in the whole spectrum of software engineering. This generalist point of view allows him to see issues from different angles and come up with various solutions to solve problems


Full-Stack Test automation

If you had a suspicion that automating everything on the UI E2E test layer is an inefficient approach then you are right! In this presentation, all automation layers would be discussed and good strategies presented. As a test engineer, you can have a tremendous impact on unit testing and in return, this can save you a lot of time, effort, and maintenance.

Key takeaways:
-Wholistic approach to test automation
– Bug filter concept
– Where to start adoption of full-stack test automation
– Common myths about unit testing
– Few ideas on how you can accelerate your test automation

Session Keywords

🔑 Automation
🔑 Strategy
🔑 Efficiency

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