TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Marjolein Pordon

Thought-leader on Low-code Testing

Squerist, The Netherlands


Marjolein has 4 years of experience in software testing and 2 years in testing low-code applications. She is a thought leader and leads the company chapter on testing low-code. This year she has her maiden voyage in the world of conferences. She shared her knowledge on Testing stage KIEV 2021 and will speak on Test Automation Days 2021 as well on the topic of testing low-code.


Does Low-Code mean Low Testing?

Low-Code development is hot at the moment, the thing to consider and to jump into for companies. Quick and cheap development, by citizen developers, who doesn’t want this!? We have a few remarks on the subject we like to share. Cause where does testing fit in, quick and cheap development!? Nowhere? Or everywhere? Or somewhere in between? We will tell you more about our experience on the matter.

Session Keywords

🔑 Risk Based Testing
🔑 Low Code

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