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TestCon Europe 2020


October 13-15

Vilnius or Online

Gil Tayar

Applitools, Israel


From the olden days of DOS, to the contemporary world of Software Testing, Gil was, is, and always will be, a software developer. He has in the past co-founded WebCollage, survived the bubble collapse of 2000, and worked on various big cloudy projects at Wix.

His current passion is figuring out how to test software, a passion which he has turned into his main job as Evangelist and Senior Architect at Applitools. He has religiously tested all his software, from the early days as a junior software developer to the current days at Applitools, where he develops tests for software that tests software, which is almost one meta layer too many for him.


Not Only Cars: “AI, Please Test My App”

Autonomous cars were a Scifi dream not 10 years ago. A computer driving a car? No way. But in May of 2014, Google did the impossible, and launched autonomous cars in Nevada. What was considered impossible, just happened. In this talk, Gil explore the technologies used by autonomous cars, and see how these same technologies are applicable to Autonomous Testing.

Gill first introduces the 5 levels of autonomous driving, and explores the techniques and technologies used to achieve each level of autonomy. Technologies like LIDAR, machine learning, Neural networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, are explained in a clear and simple manner, and the connection between them and autonomous driving is explored.

Gil introduces the 5 levels of autonomous testing, and create parallels between them and the 5 levels of autonomous driving. Through these parallels he explores what it means to do autonomous testing, and how the same technologies can be used to create AI-s that help testers write automated tests.

This talk will show that AI in testing is not something to be feared, but rather something to look forward to, a tool to be used in the future. A tool that will probably alleviate most of the boredom inherent in the field. And a tool that will make software testers better, and not obsolete.

Session Keywords
🔑 Autonomous Testing
🔑 AI

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