TestCon Europe 2024

October 22-25

Onsite & Online


We are delighted to announce that the conference will be hosted by a team of exceptionally skilled and experienced professionals who hold prominent positions in the industry. Our esteemed hosts bring an abundance of knowledge and expertise, and their dedication lies in ensuring that attendees extract the maximum value from the conference!

Nikolaj Tolkačiov

Nord Security, Lithuania

Engineering Manager

Pragati Sharma

ThoughtWorks, India

Sr. Product Owner & Business Consultant

Danny Higler

Wemanity, The Netherlands

DevOps- and Agile Coach

Niels Malotaux

N R Malotaux – Consultancy, Germany

Product Development Coach, Expert

Vojin Popović

Svea Bankj AB, Serbia

Principal Developer

Angela Derewieńczuk

Kitopi, Poland

QA Engineer

Paul Chorley

AutomatePro Ltd, UK

CEO and Co-Founder

Rik Marselis

Sogeti, The Netherlands

Principal Quality Consultant, Author, Coach

Jan Sabak

Sabak, Poland

Software Testing Department Manager

Matthias Hamburg

International Software Testing Qualifications Board, Germany

Glossary Working Group Chair

Lina Zubyte

Doodle, Germany

Head of Quality