TestCon Europe 2022

October 24 – 27

Vilnius and Online

Alexandre Cuva

Agile Technical Coach

Alcor.Academy (SoCraAgile), Switzerland


Alexandre Cuva is a passionate agile problem solver and Software Crafts, Scrum, Agile Lean coach from Vietnam, Switzerland, and Italy. Having more than 20 years of working experience in the software industry, with more than 15 years in Agile practices, in the financial, insurance, telecom, outsourcing, and government sectors, he coach and trains methods or processes from various aspects. He’s been actively working to improve the development process and organization culture.

He has lived and worked across the world as an agile lean coach, scrum master, product owner, CIO, CEO, and trainer. Whatever the focus of his work, he has always been a team player, quickly embracing new situations and challenges hove experience in agile and traditional software environments.

He is well known in Asia for his real experience applying flat management and happiness culture in his Offshore agile company based in Vietnam and his commitment to Software Craftsmanship. Co-Founder of the Romandie Software Crafts community and the Agile Development community in Da Nang.


The Monster “Shift Left Testing” !!!

We heard about “Shift Left Testing”, it’s the current buzzword, we hear in many organizations. And organizations are struggling to put it in place. Developers argue it’s not their work. QA arguing we stole their work. It is really a monster or just a kid monster. And we should learn to work with it to our advantage?

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🔑 Software Crafts

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