TestCon Europe 2021

Online Edition

September 7-9


Sargis Sargsyan


Picsart, Armenia


Sargis Sargsyan has been in the software industry for about ten years. After working in web automation development for seven years he switches to the Mobile industry.

Agile and teamwork believer with experience working in distributed international teams, using Agile/Scrum/Kanban methodology. He was a part of solid industries specialized in Mobile, Web, SaaS, and Enterprise applications. During his career, he had a chance to work with American, German, Czech, and Armenian companies.
Passionate about public speaking and knowledge sharing.


Appium Dockerization: From Scratch to Advanced Implementation

In these high technology times, it is tough to catch up with everything. Especially for the mobile world when there are thousands of mobile devices with different modifications of the Android OS. Most of us who work in the mobile testing industry are familiar with the Appium framework for UI automation and aware of complicated setup and hard maintenance. Using Docker in Android UI automation is making our life much easier. Docker-Android is a docker image built for everything related to Android mobile website or application testing. All the tools needed (devices, framework, Android SDK, etc.) are packaged in the image. It is free and open-source and supports other features such as video recording. This session will present the advantages and disadvantages of Appium, and docker-android will get started with Docker-Android and run sample tests against it.

Session Keywords

🔑 Automation
🔑 Appium
🔑 Docker

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