TestCon Europe 2021

Online Edition

September 7-9


Ralph van Roosmalen

Helping Teams Create Value

Agile Strides – Coaching & Consultancy, The Netherlands


Ralph believes people make all the difference in every project. He has been working in IT since 1997. He had different roles: Software Developer, Tester, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Team Lead, Manager, and VP Software Development. He is specialized in helping teams create value. He is an active member of the Agile community and shares his insights and knowledge by speaking at conferences and writing blog posts. In the last years, he was invited to Agile Prague, Agile India, XPDays, and Agile Lean Ireland for example. In 2017 he published the book Doing It – Management 3.0 Experiences. He published a second popular booklet Booklet “40+ Ideas to Spice Up Your Retrospective” and is currently working on his new book: The Art Of Teams. He also publishes blog posts regularly via LinkedIn, Management 3.0 blog, and his personal blog.”


The Art of Teams – Learn Helping Teams creating Value

This workshop will learn the attendees about how to help teams create value. Attendees will learn about the six components: clarity, impact, results, reliable, conflicts and trust. People will learn why the components are relevant but also how to apply them! The workshop will include many practices attendees can apply the next day already!

  • Welcome and Check In
  • Teams:
    • History of Teams
    • Definition of Teams
    • Why are Teams relevant
  • Art of Teams – Components:
    • Clarity, why does clarity matter and how to get clarity
    • Impact, why is understanding impact important and how to learn about impact
    • Results, what are the results for a team and why care about results
    • Reliable, why does teams need to be reliable and how to become reliable
    • Conflicts, the different types of conflicts and which conflicts add value for a team
    • Trust, the importance of trust and tools to realize trust in a team
  • Closing


The goal of this workshop is to learn attendees about the six components that help teams create value, and have attendees experience and learn about practices that support the six components.

Target audience

The target audience are people who help teams to become (more) successful. People with roles like team leads, agile coaches, scrum masters, team coaches, senior professionals, and managers often attend the workshop. There is no special knowledge required to attend the workshop.

Technical requirements

  • There are no technical requirements.

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