TestCon Europe 2019

Viktorija Sujetaitė

Wix.com, Lithuania


Viktorija is a Mobile QA Engineer at Wix. After gaining experience in Web and Windows desktop apps testing, she followed her passion for technology and innovation to work with mobile apps. At Wix, she’s making mobile automation an inseparable part of the QA cycle – working with Detox and teaching others to work with it.


Detox: Tackling the Flakiness of Mobile Automation

At Wix we want to release our application as often as possible to meet needs of our 5 million users. Naturally, all mobile apps require testing, but a lot of it is done manually.
The most difficult part of automated testing on mobile is the tip of the testing pyramid – E2E tests. The core of the problem with E2E is flakiness, which results in unreliable tests. We believe that the only way to tackle this flakiness head on is by moving from black box testing to gray box testing. And for that, React Native mobile apps automation library – Detox – is being used.

Session Keywords
Mobile Automation
React Native