TestCon Europe 2019

Thomas Noë

Teamleader, Belgium


Thomas Noë is an energetic and passionate test professional with over 10 years of experience ranging from hands-on operational testing to test management positions.
He graduated as a Bio-engineer in 2006, but was given a chance to taste from the testing world. The following years he saw different approaches across several industries such as utilities, telecom, financial world, online payments and data governance.
Step by step, as he moved from tester engineer to test coordinator, test manager and QA manager, Thomas improved both from good and bad experiences his test know-how, his planning ability and his people skills. Currently, he is implementing the new modern QA approach which is testing as close as possible with the code and this in a continuous testing manner.


Building a Test Strategy that Scales

Testers, do you find yourself still siloed even after breaking down the “walls” between development and testing? Are you in a hole of never-ending test creation and maintenance, removing you from focusing on user experience? Does ad-hoc exploratory testing still happen because your tests aren’t stable enough to test the app before it gets to production?

When your team starts to adopt agile and DevOps development practices, how do you scale testing to keep up with higher release frequencies? Test automation is a big part of the solution. But beware that you’re doing it the wrong way.

In this talk I will explain how to reverse the negative impacts brought about from common – but not necessarily “good” – practices around automation tooling and QA hiring practices. I will talk about what changes you need to make to win back more time to develop and implement your test strategy. I will elevate your testing strategy from “surviving” to “thriving” in DevOps.

Session Keywords
Continuous Testing
Machine Learning
Test Strategy