TestCon Europe 2021

September 7-9


Rod Cope

CTO, Worked With Companies Such as IBM, General Electric, Ericsson

Perforce Software, USA


Rod Cope is the CTO of Perforce Software. He provides technical vision and architectural leadership for the company’s globally distributed development teams. Rod came to Perforce from Rogue Wave Software, where he was CTO. He was also the Founder and CTO of OpenLogic, a profitable venture-backed company in the open source space, and joined Rogue Wave as CTO following the acquisition.

Previously in his 25+ year software career, he worked at IBM, IBM Global Services, General Electric, and for the CTO of Anthem. Rod has also led key technical teams working on mission-critical applications at Ericsson and Integral. For the last 20 years, Rod has spoken on various technical and business topics at dozens of conferences around the world.

Rod holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of Louisville. He lives with his wife and dogs in Colorado where they all enjoy hiking, traveling, and dog sports.


Unblocking DevOps With Continuous Testing

Companies around the world want to accelerate software delivery by implementing or optimizing their DevOps pipeline. Teams focus on things like code pipelines, CI/CD, and deploying to Docker containers, but they often overlook the critical nature of automated testing. Without true Continuous Testing, no amount of DevOps effort can get quality software released any faster.

Despite process and tool improvements, testing remains one of the biggest challenges in DevOps. Research shows an average of under 60% test automation coverage. To increase coverage, teams need to match software testing deliveries with the right testing tools, skillsets, and personas. Participants include developers, software development engineers in test (SDET), and test engineers.

In this session, you’ll learn how to reduce the largest roadblock in continuous delivery and deployment. You’ll see how continuous testing fits seamlessly into DevOps and take away a proven formula for success.

Session Keywords
🔑 Automation
🔑 Continuous Testing
🔑 DevOps

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