TestCon Europe 2019

Peter Souter

HashiCorp, UK


Peter Souter is a Technical Account Manager at HashiCorp. He’s worked all over the globe helping organisations automate with the HashiCorp stack, from government, to startups to large enterprise companies.


InfraCoding with Terraform: Writing Tests for Infrastructure-as-Code

Infrastructure-as-code is the concept the management of infrastructure through machine-readable definition files. It’s one of the key concepts within DevOps to allow developers to get visibility of the operations process and contribute.

But, if we’re treating our infrastructure as code, we should be doing the same thing we do with our application code… writing tests!

We’re going to discuss some approaches for testing Infrastructure-as-code, with a focus on Terraform. We’ll start with the benefits that come from writing tests for IaC, start with basic linting and formatting, stretch out to unit testing, and end up with full end-to-end spec testing. We’ll also be dipping into how it all ties to other testing concepts such as TDD and the red-green-refactor loop.

Session Keywords
Infra Management
Config Management