TestCon Europe 2019

Pekka Marjamaki

Solita Oy, Finland

Jani Gronman

Solita Oy, Finland

BIO – Pekka Marjamaki

Pekka Marjamaki has versatile history of software testing spanning from test engineer, test manager all the way to test coach. Over 10+ years he has worked in multiple domains including cyber security, logistics, governmental institutions, and healthcare. He is an avid promoter of software testing, blogger, a conference speaker and a trainer. When cut, Pekka bleeds testing.

BIO – Jani Gronman

Jani Gronman has over 20 years of experience in software business. He has worked as a developer, scrum master, project manager and test engineer. Domains include telecom, governmental institutions, finance and on-demand media. Currently working with Pekka as a testing coach. Jani has a develops testing at Solita from business and quality management point of view. Jani has a bronze medal in testing.


Test Coaching

Testing skills are mandatory in modern software development for every stakeholder. Pekka and Jani have discovered two main areas that need improving: developers’ testing skills and clients’ understanding of the role of testing. Developers focus mainly on programming skills, tools, technologies etc. and they rarely learn systematic testing. Clients on the other hand view testing either as purely suppliers’ problem or they focus on the wrong things when testing.

Enter Test Coaching!

Pekka and Jani work at Solita. The background for Test Coaching comes from actual need to understand and perform testing in our company. Solita’s teams don’t have testing specialists of their own. The burden of testing is generally on developers’ shoulders due to various factors. Testing skills aren’t systematically trained. Also in most cases, the client doesn’t understand testing enough to make good decisions regarding it.

Test Coaching is a concept and a service that helps projects to make most out of their testing. Pain-points, lack of testing skills, challenges in testing? Test Coaching facilitates problem solving in teams and projects, tailored to their specific needs. They change the teams’ and client’s way of approaching testing.

They have had dozens of projects as a clients, large and small. In addition to helping teams, Pekka and Jani help with sales material and test planning for offers regarding future projects. What we do, depends on the need of the company and projects.

The audience will get inspiration and tools for new kind of competence improvement. They’ll be able to implement new ways of training, coaching and guiding the company towards better tomorrow. This can change the way most companies think about their testing competence development

Session Keywords
Competence Development


Pharaoh’s Tomb – Testologists’ Journey to Learning and Practicing Testing

Testologist = Archeologist in testing. We’ll show how to dig deeper into testing layer by layer, and how this will make your testing more effective. Starting from testing-oriented thinking to understanding all things affecting our testing. In this workshop we show how to learn and practice testing in a structured manner. We’ll help you be and be seen as the professional you are!