TestCon Europe 2019

Linas Steponavičius

Devbridge, Lithuania


Linas is earning his Bachelor’s Degree in physics, but is planning to switch to an IT major. He enjoys working with computers, and has a talent for it. He has worked in a team to build computer games, putting his natural knack for programming scripts to work. He’s motivated by the opportunity to solve challenges, and would always rather work on a team where people can help each other out than work by himself.

Linas doesn’t just build video games, he’s also an avid gamer and can often be found on Steam. He’s also a music fan, especially hard rock, and plays the electric guitar. Cars – fast ones, especially – are another passion of his, and he sometimes relaxes by driving go-karts.


Automation 101 with Cypress

In this workshop we will learn about automation basics and good practices to have a solid fundamental understanding of this topic. We will write automation test cases with Cypress framework, create pull requests and you will get an individual feedback regarding your code after each code review.