TestCon Europe 2019

Kristina Sabotic

Adwisit, Sweden


I have my professional roots in test leading, but have shifted towards test automation – because it’s so much fun! I thrive on solving challenging technical issues, as much as I thrive on being the spider in the test web, as a test leader often is. I think more manual testers should try test automation, with the right tool it’s not as difficult as it may seem at first.


Automated End-to-End Tests with Robot Framework

– Experiences from working with logistics customers with a complex structure of third-party products
– End-to-end tests of complete business flows, where the same test script tests through web UI, desktop UI, database, etc., depending on the needs of the situation
– Introduction to Robot Framework
– User-defined keyword-driven tests makes the tests readable and pedagogical, and thus available to a larger part of the organization
– Powerful test logs provide real benefit in both troubleshooting, contact with system vendor and test reporting
– It’s very easy to get started with the first tests, here’s how!

Session Keywords
Test Automation
End-to-End Testing