TestCon Europe 2019

Jiří Holuša

Hazelcast, Czech Republic


Jiri is a devoted open source software engineer that loves his work. Born in Red Hat, now being Quality Engineering team lead at Hazelcast, an in-memory computing platform open source company. Digging deep, never giving up on a problem until it’s solved and enjoying this all the way, that’s Jiri. Besides that, he loves basically any sport and as a true Czech person, he never refuses a pleasant conversation over a pint of beer.


Performance Testing Done Right

Everybody says that they do performance testing. But do you do it right? Are you sure that the interpretation of the numbers, or even the number themselves, has really something to do with the truth? In this talk we will identify some of the common bad practices and mistakes while doing performance testing. We will try to answer questions like:
* What is the difference between latency and throughput testing and what to be careful about?
* Am I using the right number of stressors during the test?
* How to compare two performance results?
* How do I prevent performance regression from happening?
* … and more.

Join Jiří to the session of charts, numbers and performance fun!

Session Keywords
Performance Testing