TestCon Europe 2019

Jani Haapala

Qentinel, Finland


Automation specialist, quality consultant, tester, developer, dad, husband. Passionate about measurement, feedback and continuous automated quality feedback loops.
Jani Haapala is Delivery Lead at Qentinel. He spends his time conjuring up ways to help customers achieve their goals and supporting Qentinel consultants as they deliver the best solutions to meet customers’ needs. He is a dedicated DevOps advocate and evangelist who has been spreading the word in the software industry for well over a decade. Passion for the field started from manual testing and has evolved to full scale software development automation.
Whether its personal hobby or business case, home controlling or large software project, Jani thinks that automation can help everybody and increase value in anything.


From 0 to 100 000 Test Cases per Day, a Story about Scaling Test-Automation

Jani started in a small team creating first automated test cases, now he is a part of a core automation and infrastructure team that calls them self a CSI, that enables the whole company to execute over 100 000 automated test cases per day. Scaling have meant moving from doing few test cases in one CI-pipeline for supporting over 350 employees on over 30 teams to do quality assurance in over 40 CI-pipelines.
What does it take to scale automated testing from 0 to 100 000 and what has Jani learned during that journey? The journey sure have not been a easy one and have included a lot of growing pains and struggles. But it have also included a lot of aha-moments and new concept creation. It has definitely been a journey of his life and he would do it again in a heartbeat, but maybe a bit differently with the knowledge that he now has.
In this talk Jani will explain the phases and challenges that there will be when scaling test automation plus some of his own concepts that he has had to invent to solve these challenges. Google has their SRE and Netflix has their Siamese Army but Jani will say that everybody should have their own CSI and he will explain why.

Session Keywords
Test Automation