TestCon Europe 2019

Jacopo Romei

Freelance, Italy


Jacopo is a freelance strategy consultant.

In 2003 he spotted new Agile ways to develop software and, as a young entrepreneur he gave them a try. He never came back, through serial entrepreneurship and consulting. He introduced Agile in eBay Italia, Siemens and FAO but in 2011 he realized the problem often is in organisations’ governance and in the agreements we negotiate. This led me to become a member of the board of European Organisation Design Forum (EODF).

Usually Jacopo gets hired by people who want to waste less time, money and enthusiasm. He helps those people working together in better ways because that’s a big chunk of our lives.

He wrote a few books: “Pro PHP Refactoring”, a TDD chapter in “PHP Best Practices” and “Extreme Contracts” in 2017, on contracts and negotiation in knowledge work. He also contributed to a couple of books written by Jurgen Appelo.

Jacopo is among the founders of ALE Agile Lean Europe network, PHP User Group Roma and Arduino User Group Roma.

He has a sailing license because of the sea, a glider pilot license because of the sky and he is a LSP facilitator certified by Lucio Margulis.


Extreme Contracts: the Freedom to Write the Tests you Need

Stop asking permission to write automated tests! Quit trying to convince your customers you’d better set up an automated pipeline! Don’t let a time-based agreement with your customers spoil your chances to deliver real value! As much as our code needs to evolve iteratively toward a supple design, so our agreements with customers and suppliers should make room for those changes to happen.

It makes no sense talking about an agile process if you already agreed on a stiff agreement.

Extreme Contracts is a negotiation style that emerged out of 9 years of practice in software development, UX design and IT entrepreneurship to make it easier for knowledge worker to deliver value and being more free to work they want. In this session we’ll see why we have to ask permission to write automated tests and how we can instead create value for us and our customers as well.

Session Keywords
Test Automation
Contract Testing