TestCon Europe 2019

Ian Goddard



A dedicated and enthusiastic quality advocate with 10 years of testing experience, mostly in the broadcast and video streaming world. Currently working for DAZN, live sports streaming, and hammering in the need for quality to the playback teams as well as the wider company given the chance!


The Challenges of Testing Video Playback at Scale

Playback is a complex animal that is often overlooked or reduced in QA to simple cursory visibility checks. This talk will cover an overview of the architecture of live and on demand OTT video streaming (as well as a brief covering of broadcast for reference) and the testing challenges that come from this, as well as some tips on how best to approach the planning of the testing effort to maximise the efficacy of your playback testing.

Pitched at a beginner to intermediate level, participants will leave with a knowledge of some of the moving parts that make up OTT video streaming and some of the approaches that can be utilised whilst testing playback.

Session Keywords
Video Streaming