TestCon Europe 2019

Istvan Forgacs

4TestDev GmbH, Germany

Bernat Kallo

4TestDev GmbH, Germany


Panorama Hotel
(Sodų str. 14, Vilnius)

Time & Date

10:00, 15 October



Istvan Forgacs

István Forgács PhD. was originally a researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He published 25+ scientific articles in leading international journals and conference proceedings. He is the co-author of “Agile Testing Foundations” and “An ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester guide”, and “Practical Test Design” will be published this year. His research interests include test design, agile testing, test (design) automation, debugging, code comprehension, static and dynamic analysis. He is one of the founders and CEO of 4TestDev GmbH. He is a member of Agile Working Group of ISTQB.
Dr. Forgács is the creator of 4Test method and initiator of the 4Test tool.

Bernat Kallo

Coming soon.


How to be a Good Test Automation Engineer in Five Days


In the workshop, you will learn a scriptless test automation method and tool. First, you will learn the Gherkin++ syntax that is the extension of the original Gherkin. Then we demonstrate how to make test automation code without writing test code. The input is a set of requirements. Based on these requirements we make the related acceptance criteria by applying Gherkin++. An example of an acceptance criterion is the following.


WHEN Book price IS 50

THEN Price reduction IS 10%

AND Total price IS 45

Then we demonstrate how to make implementation-independent Gherkin++ description, from which executable test code is generated. We execute the tests and check the test results in the test report. There is no need to execute the application and scanning GUI objects for generating the test cases.

  • Part 1: Introduction to Gherkin++:
    • Basic test design techniques – if necessary
    • Making categories and choices from the requirements
    • Making acceptance criteria
    • Iteration based on the generated test cases
    • Special keywords for generating test automation code
  • Part 2: Hands-on – exercising test automation
    • Creating acceptance criteria for the requirements of the “Pizza” application
      • download and try Pizza hands-on version in Harmony – some basic test cases should be executed
      • create some simple acceptance criteria for login and registration
      • execute the test cases
      • create some more complex acceptance criteria for selecting pizzas and ordering them.
      • execute the test cases
    • Part 3: Hands-on – evaluation of the method and the test cases
      • Some volunteers show their solution and explain it
      • We summarize the advantage and shortcomings of the method altogether

The main goal of this workshop is to introduce participants with the concept of scriptless test automation and to demonstrate how easy to learn and use this method in practice.

Target audience

The target audience includes manual testers, test leads and test automation engineers. Everybody who loves designing tests which are executed immediately is invited to come, and learn something new. The workshop will be introductory, so no previous knowledge is required, however, a basic knowledge about test design is suggested.

Technical requirements

– Operating system: Windows, Linux

– Browser: one of the latest versions of Chrome

– Installations: JRE (JDK) 8, an unzip application

– Check that .jar files are executable

– Check that Harmony is working:

  1. Open https://cloud.4test.io (in case the link does not work, press F5)
  2. Login with your google account
  3. Click on icon “add sample projects” on the right hand side
  4. Click on “Pizza for hands-on”
  5. Click on Run tests: Main menu
  6. Download Runner
  7. Download and unzip Chromedriver into the same directory
  8. Execute Runner
  9. Run the tests again (repeat Step 5)
  • Result should be “all passed

– Technical knowledge: basic software testing knowledge