TestCon Europe 2020


October 13-15

Vilnius and Online

Florian Raschbichler

Head of Support, Author and Speaker

HiveMQ, Germany


Florian Raschbichler serves as the Head of Support for HiveMQ, one of the leading providers of enterprise MQTT solutions. In over 5 years of working with the de-facto communication protocol in the IoT, he has guided more than 120 customers from the first proof of concept to going to production.

As a subject matter experts he regularly shares his ideas and experience speaking at conferences, writing articles or blogpost, and offering workshops all across the globe.

Alon has expertise in many technologies, be it Software Architecture, Microsoft Azure, Windows internals, C++ programming, .NET with C#, Internet of Things and cross-platform development (Windows & Linux).


How to Properly Test Enterprise Grade, Mission Critical Middleware

Middleware like databases or messages brokers are mission critical by design as they are necessary to allow applications to work and work together. Outages of such components have severe impacts on the end user experience and therefore can negatively impact revenue and image of the company running the application that uses these components.

This means that middleware, especially when deployed in a business case of an enterprise environment, has the highest possible reliability requirements. Basic unit and integration tests during the software development do not suffice.

The talk aims to give a holistic insights into the reliability assurance process behind highly scalable, enterprise grade, and mission critical middleware.

Attendees will learn how the Quality Assurance team of HiveMQ, an Enterprise MQTT Broker, tackle and overcome this challenge. This session covers a high level view of the immense testing and deployment pipeline, the product is built on, goes over best practises, pitfalls and concepts and finishes with tactical examples of how the Landshut based team ensures that their reliability promises to customers are upheld.

Session Keywords
🔑 Reliability Testing
🔑 Middleware

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