TestCon Europe 2021

Hybrid Edition

September 7-9

Vilnius and Online

Finn Lorbeer

Product Quality Specialist

ThoughtWorks, Germany


Finn is a Product Quality Specialist at ThoughtWorks. He loves being the team driver towards building a high quality product and strongly believes in the benefits of truly agile environments to achieve this goal.

He wants to share some of the ideas and concepts he and his teams developed while working on different projects throughout Germany.


Quality Titans

From the moment when an idea is conjured up in the brain and is put into motion until the deploy to production happens, many things are going on: meetings and discussions, coffee breaks, programming and testing exercises. Here, Quality must be a leitmotif connecting these high-level conversations of all the people across the entire project at all times. Easy to say, hard to follow.

Prometheus, one of the ancient titans of Greece, once stole the fire from the Gods and taught people how to use it.

Likewise, in this talk, Finn will describe how you as QA-Titans can teach Quality to designers and stakeholders and pair with developers and business. He will also share the secret how to keep quality in everyone’s mind on the way from idea to production for every individual story as well as the entire product.

Finally, he will give you some inspiration on how you can become a Titan and find the right balance between pairing, conversations and actual testing.

Session Keywords
🔑 Shift-left
🔑 Collaboration

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