TestCon Europe 2020


October 13-15

Vilnius and Online

Elias Nogueira

Software Consultant

Waes, The Netherlands


Elias helps people and companies to deliver high-quality software not only through test automation but thinking about the quality since the earliest stages of the SDLC. He has been working in different segments as a QA Engineer giving, presentations, workshops and courses about test automation.


Lean Test Framework for Web Testing

Have you ever been in one of the following situations while creating and using automated web tests?
– many scripting maintenances by changing data or elements on the front end
– flaky tests due to the waiting strategy or timings
– difficulty in having a coding pattern
– delay in running the tests, slowing the execution of your pipeline, resulting in a slow feedback

There are a lot of other issues, but Elias guarantees you will come out of this presentation knowing exactly what to do in your project, regardless of the programming language and frameworks you use.

Automating tests on a web front end is not the most important level in the test automation pyramid, but it is critical from a user perspective. If it is not done with a lean architecture and good use of software engineering practices, we will have a lot of maintenance and abandonment of tests in this layer. A test framework using Selenium WebDriver with the Page Object model; some design patterns; parallel execution for multiple browsers, using containers that can auto-scale and support a large test suite; and putting all this together in a test pipeline may be a good strategy for smashing the bugs and maintaining the high quality of your application without add complexity on the test framework.

Session Keywords

🔑 Automation
🔑 Web

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