TestCon Europe 2021

Hybrid Edition

September 7-9

Vilnius and Online

Niels Malotaux

Team Coach

N R Malotaux – Consultancy, The Netherlands


Niels Malotaux as a Coach is an expert in optimizing organizational, project, and team performance, with 40 year experience in designing electronic systems, at Philips, and leading a systems design company. Since 1998 he helps projects to deliver Quality on Time: the Right Results at the Right Time. He taught and coached well over 400 projects in 40+ organizations all over the globe, creating a wealth of experience in which approaches work better and which work less in practice. Lately he coached teams developing parking systems, spacecraft, highway signage, building automation equipment, accounting software, as well as buying trains.


Inspection Used in Various Ways

People who Review or Inspect code or any other document without proper training, don’t find many issues, wasting time, and missing the quick learning of how to prevent introducing issues in the first place. Furthermore, Reviews and Inspections can be used in even more ways than ‘just reviewing’ and ‘just finding bugs’.

In this session we will see some cases of using Reviews and Inspections with various unexpected and interesting outcomes:
– The review caused a redesign
– The review caused not to implement at all
– The review caused the document to be discarded as completely useless for its purpose
And we will see the use of Early Inspections feeding prevention even faster.

This will give you more flexible insights of applying Inspections to improve the quality of your software, which will lead to better ‘Quality on Time’: delivering better results, spending less time. For those who thought that Inspections only waste time, this presentation may give a fresh stimulus to reconsider.

Session Keywords

🔑 Code Reviews
🔑 Inspections
🔑 Defect Prevention

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