TestCon Europe 2020


October 13-15

Vilnius and Online

Henrik Warne

Software engineer

TriOptima, Sweden


Henrik Warne has been programming professionally for 25 years, and he still loves to code. He has worked on small embedded systems and large distributed systems, using a wide variety of technologies and programming languages. He is interested in all aspects of software engineering, from architecture, design and methodology to implementation, testing and debugging. He is currently a software engineer at TriOptima, developing systems for financial risk management.


Learning From Bugs

Bugs are great learning opportunities. So how do we make sure we learn as much as possible from the bugs we find and fix? One way is to reflect on what made the bug hard to solve, and how we could avoid this type of bug in the future. For the past 15 years Henrik has written down short descriptions of the trickiest bugs he has solved. This simple method has helped him distill patterns that have influenced how he writes, tests and debugs code.

In this talk Henrik will share his experience with this method. He will also present 18 lessons he has learned from going through over 200 such bug entries. The lessons include coding practices he has adopted to avoid similar bugs, rules for effective testing, and useful debugging techniques and heuristics.

Session Keywords

🔑 Debugging
🔑 Defects

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