TestCon Europe 2021

Hybrid Edition

September 7-9

Vilnius and Online

Dmitriy Kovalenko

Senior Software Engineer

Cypress.io, Ukraine


Dmitriy is a software engineer that cares about the software quality he produces. Doing quite a lot of open-source, working full time on making Cypress.io the most qualified and fun solution for testing.


How is it Possible? Deep Dive into Cypress Test Runner Architecture

Do you use Cypress? Have you ever think how cypress can do this or that? Why selenium or other webdriver-based test runners can not perform everything Cypress can? Or why cypress is so limited, e.g. why it can not handle different domains? In this talk you will learn how cypress built inside, some interesting and bad solutions under cypress’ hood. And how you can write more efficient cypress tests using this knowledge?

Session Keywords

🔑 Automation
🔑 Cypress

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