TestCon Europe 2020


October 13-15

Vilnius and Online

Andrei Danilov

Software Tools Engineer

Typeform, Spain


Born and raised professionally in the Agile era, with a multi-industry experience: banking, real-estate, telecom, insurance, internet security, marketing throughout a handful of platforms: backend, frontend, mobile, desktop
Andrei has always found himself challenging the state of the art of Software Development, classical QA and testing approaches, throughout the different activities he has engaged with: from manual to automation testing, handling product functional to non-functional requirements, executing to architect solutions implementations, and leading QA departments and activities.


Testing Your CI Pipeline

CI/CD Pipelines are already part of our code bases: compiling, testing, creating images, deploying, handling env variables, reporting, and are not longer just a series of simple cascaded actions: they have outputs, if statements, functions. They are complex. A recent study in the industry concluded that testing early becomes less useful as infrastructure complexity rises. And they are right. That’s why we need to shift left also testing the infrastructure, and, bring in test automation.
This is a highly practical session. No theory. We’ll:
– discuss briefly the why
– take a popular CI/CD cloud solution (eg: Github Actions)
– look at a simple predefined CI/CD workflow yml -> and design one Test Case for it. Execute it manually.
– Automate that test case using the same workflow (using the Github Action Test automation framework which I’ve built, to solve for me the same problem: https://github.com/therussiankid92/gat)
– tips & tricks for developing testable CI/CD Pipelines
– conclusions
What will be discussed here can be applied for any tech stack, not just for the one mentioned. the philosophy stays the same.

Take aways:
– Participants are much more comfortable with Testing and Test Automation for CI/CD Pipelines
– Participants understand the importance of the Testing the CI/CD Pipelines
– Get familiar with Github Actions and Workflows
– Participants understand how to build testable CI/CD Pipelines

Session Keywords

🔑 Automation

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