TestCon Europe 2020


October 13-15

Vilnius and Online

Amanda Perkins

QA Engineer

Clearcover, USA


A QA for 8 years now, Amanda uses her varied job skills to help improve not only software quality but the quality of interactions with her team. She has a background in customer service and music and feels that these skills help her to think outside the box when it comes to quality. She is passionate about helping QA and Devs do a better job both together and in their respective roles.


The Human Side to Testing

We’re known for breaking things and testing the limits, and patience, of our team and our systems. We advocate for quality in all things and we advocate for the end user. But, none of us actually think about how our varied backgrounds influence what we do and how we test. In this session we’ll explore how our previous (and current) experiences subconsciously affect our testing and how to bring those experiences to the forefront in order to be better testers all around.

Session Keywords

🔑 Human Experience

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