TestCon Europe 2021

Hybrid Edition

September 7-9

Vilnius and Online

Alexei Ledenev

Staff Cloud Architect

DoiT International, Israel


Alexei Ledenev is an experienced Cloud Architect and open-source developer. He says “laziness is the engine of progress” and automates everything! He knows how to achieve 100% CI/CD automation, being passionate about the right architecture, overall system quality, and automation – “test is the ultimate proof that code is working”. Alexei contributes to the open-source community by maintaining several projects, publishing blog posts, and speaking at conferences and meetups.


Running Chaos Experiments on AWS

Today’s distributed systems running on cloud infrastructure are increasingly complex. While there are multiple tools and services that simplify building and operating such systems, unexpected errors still happen, all the time. Multiple interdependencies created by the combination of cloud services, application architecture, underlying physical infrastructure, network/security configurations define multiple places where failures can happen. Chaos engineering is an approach to software development and testing designed to eliminate such failures before the customer notices. By performing controlled chaos experiments in a distributed environment, engineering teams can build confidence in the system’s ability to tolerate inevitable future failures. In my talk, I’m going to dive deep into a new service for running chaos experiments on the AWS cloud, the AWS Fault Injection Simulator.

Session Keywords

🔑 Test Automation
🔑 Chaos Engineering
🔑 Cloud

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