TestCon Europe 2020


October 13-15

Vilnius and Online

Justas Laužadis

Lead Test Engineer

Devbridge, Lithuania


Justas Laužadis works as Lead Test Engineer at Devbridge. He has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics at Vilnius University, Faculty of Physics. He says that his background in math, physics and statistics helped a lot when switching to IT sector. Currently, he has 5+ years of expertise in testing field. Working on multiple projects allowed Justas to gain various knowledge including programming (C#, Java, Javascript, SQL, etc), test automation (NUnit, SpecFlow, Postman, Xamarin.UITest, Protractor, NightwatchJS, Cypress, etc), performance testing (JMeter, VS Load Test, User Timing API, SiteSpeed.io, etc). Also, he is proud with his contribution to testing community by leading the community of performance testing practice within his company, and by giving lectures and mentoring future testing talents in Sourcery Academy for Testers.


Addressing the User-Centric Performance Testing

Time & Date

9:00, 13 October






Performance testing workshop will cover how to address the performance testing of user-centric web applications in multiple layers. After the workshop, attendees will be able to address the performance aspect following the RAIL performance model, to design a well-structured JMeter load test, to adjust it for spike and stress testing and to integrate it with continuous build environment.


PART 1: Performance testing overview

  • What causes performance regression/bad performance?
  • High-level user-centric metrics
  • RAIL performance model
  • Performance saving design patterns (front-end and back-end)
  • Optimistic UI
  • Animation cost to user-centric performance
  • Usage of Idle time
  • Testing Client-side vs. Server-side performance separately

PART 2: Hands-on client-side testing

  • Lighthouse audit
  • Network and CPU throttling
  • Web app performance profiling
  • Testing the animations

PART 3: Hands-on server-side testing + extra resources

  • JMeter workshop using OWASP Juice Shop on Heroku
  • Composing a simple load test
  • Adjusting the load test for stress and spike testing
  • Powershell fundamentals for integration with continuous build environment
  • Review of additional resources


The main goal of this workshop is to introduce participants with main concepts of RAIL performance model, as well as with generic approach of how to test the performance aspect in various layers of user-centric web application in continuous delivery environments.

Target audience

The target audience includes those aiming to deliver great software, great quality initially, when good performance is usually one of the core requirements by default. Everyone who loves fast and lightweight software is invited to join this workshop. The workshop will be introductory, so no previous knowledge of performance testing is required.

Technical requirements

  • Installations
    • Chrome browser
    • Powershell
    • JMeter
    • JMeter Plugin manager
    • JMeter Plugins
      • 3 Basic Graphs
      • Custom Thread Groups
      • KPI vs KPI Graphs
    • OWASP Juice Shop deployed on Heroku
      • Login to your Heroku account or register a new one (it’s free)
      • Open 
      • Deploy to Heroku (deploying may take up to 15 minutes)
      • After deploying, you should be able to manage and view your application.
  • Technical knowledge
    • Basic knowledge of software development life cycle
    • Basic knowledge of math, statistics (average, median, percentiles, etc)

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